No progress :)

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No progress :)

Postby Versif » Thu Mar 24, 2005 8:09 pm

Well I've done a bad thing :)

No further progress on my GN15 layout all week.

Bad modeller :oops:

But today I built a OO shunting layout based on the classic inglenook layout with an extra siding (47" by 11.5"). Bought the trackwork yesterday along with some other bits and pieces. I've gone for manually operated points, after all, I've only got 3 of them :) Had it up and running on the foam base within 45 minutes including cattle dock, goods shed, provender store, loading ramp, station platform, halt, air raid shelter type hut, groundframe, water crane, grounded body and a few trees.

Helps of course that they were all from my former OO layout. Still got one more to build as a tuning fork variant, which should nicely use up the rest of my spare structures and the penultimate piece of blue foam.

Played shunting puzzles for a couple of hours :lol:

The last piece of blue foam is destined to be a small HO shunting layout. Probably another inglenook but 54" by 10" to allow for the 40' cars and the longer points.

Meanwhile I've also been busy on my new HO(former OO) layout, installing DCC. Got the Lenz 100 set in a fit of exhuberance as well as ordered 2 more locos, albeit Boson and Maine. Chipped my GP-7 and had it running happily.

Managed to get a Rutland Road freight car as well Martin, I seem to recall you are collecting the RR in N gauge.

Now if anyone can advise me on DCC let me know. Do I need a separate transformer for my capacitor discharge units or can I pwoer them from the same one that powers the DCC command module?

Using a spare controller at the moment just to be on the safe side :)

Anyway, it made a nice break from Gn15 modelling but it is just a diversion from the real thing :)

Petar Kanuritch

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David Nix
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Postby David Nix » Fri Mar 25, 2005 12:37 am

Petar, that may not be Gn15 progress, but it's certainly progress. :D

Seems very coincidental that all this has happened in the week following an exhibition with no Gn15 content, but lots of other fascinations. :roll:

But then they do say a change is as good as a rest. :wink:

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